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Under the nurturing care of L.H. Piyasena & Company Ltd., one of the largest construction companies in Sri Lanka earning its reputation from far back as more than five decades, Foster and Reed (Pvt) Ltd, was founded in 1990 to cater to the need of providing high quality services for water related recreational facilities in Sri Lanka.

The company concentrated on improving its swimming pool building capabilities, adopting the latest technologies. Thereby, within few years, Foster and Reed became the market leader for domestic and institutional swimming pools, mainly by providing excellent customer service to its clients, which is very rare in the trade; thereby reigning as THE swimming pool company and THE Swimming pool builder in Sri Lanka. It then expanded into the other aqua product related areas such as spas, saunas, steam cabins etc.

The company attracted not only clients but also the professional personnel in the relevant fields, making it even stronger, while the other companies in the same trade continued to divide and mushroom. Foster and Read, soon became the market leader for spas (Jacuzzies) as well, after joining of a qualified professional of spas with international exposure, to its board. The next to join the Foster & Reed family was a professional in the industrial water & waste water treatment, establishing a separate division allowing the company to provide residential and industrial water treatment solutions in Sri Lanka.

With phenomenal growth, the company formed strategic alliances with best known swimming pool and aqua product equipment manufacturers in USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, India etc. thus offering the latest technology to its clients. The success of the company as the leading specialist among swimming pool builders as well as a highly respected consultant in aqua services in Sri Lanka, has seen it go beyond the shores of the nation, contributing to many prestigious water related construction projects in the Republic of Maldives, Madagascar etc. So if you are looking for an internationally qualified and recognized swimming pool contractor, come meet us at Foster & Reed, the swimming pool specialists in Sri Lanka.

What's more, Foster and Reed also have a division with consultants and qualified technicians to provide solutions for industrial energy management through capacitor banks. This venturing into energy saving capacitors in Sri Lanka by the company, has benefitted many client organisations and contributed to many green initiatives initiated and practiced island wide.

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